How to Accidentally Set a Freediving World Record with Tanya Streeter, and Liveaboard Top Tips with Girls That Scuba Founder Sarah Richards

In Episode 7, we find out about how to set a freediving World Record by accident, deep connections forged on the reef before heading off to boarding school, and how to make the most of your liveaboard diving trip.

We have an interview with Tanya Streeter – a mother, freediver, TV personality, and environmentalist – not necessarily in that order. She talks to us about some of her pioneering freediving world records including setting one by accident, and how she developed her deep connection to the ocean living as a child in the Cayman Islands before moving to boarding school in the UK.

Then we hear from Sarah Richard, founder of Girls That Scuba and co-host here on the DeeperBlue Podcast who gives us 3 tips on how to make the most of being on a liveaboard.

And then finally we hear from Rob Mackins on his Best Dive Ever.

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Jason Elias
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Jason Elias

Jason is the producer of the DeeperBlue Podcast

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