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Has a lot of interesting information on diving and the oceans.

If you are a scuba diver then you will love this. Informative and fun, would highly recommend!

Great Dive Podcast!

And getting better all the time!

Just right

Exactly what the industry needs -- power to you

I really enjoy this!

Such a relaxing and inspiring 30 minutes...thank you!!!


Being new to spearfishing this is a place I get some really good info. Happy to have this available.

Great podcast for all divers

Just listend to the first two epsidoes, they were great! Nice work Stephan and crew. Great podcast for to stay in touch with the ocean, great for any diver. Was good to hear your voice Stephan, I can almost pretend we are at Breath Hold and Brew. Ted Harty

Awesome production

Really love the sound quality of this podcast

Awesome podcast!

I already love reading DeeperBlue freediving and scuba diving articles, and having a podcast available to listen to while I do stuff around the house is amazing. Great job, DeeperBlue, keep them coming!

Needed this!

Big fat 5***** for how this is done DeeperBlue. This works great for me while on the fly! Look forward to your future episodes!

Excellent Dive Podcast ><(((º>

Awesome! Love the format and the authentic diver experiences. The first episode was fantastic with the Blue Whales. Look forward to hearing more.

Blue Whales

Excellent story about the filming of Blue Whales up close and feeding! Will be back next week for sure! Thanks

All Things Diving

This podcast is great if you love scuba diving and freediving! Or even if you have any passion for the underwater world. Lot's of relevant and relatable content shared by diverse co-hosts. Weekly content keeps it timely too. If you love anything underwater, you will love this podcast.

Absolutely Stellar Dive Podcast!

5-Sea Stars on this fantastic and fun new dive show! Awesome way to keep up on what’s happening in the underwater world, coupled with some pretty amazing dive stories. LOVE IT! Keep it coming DEEPER BLUE!


The first podcast was great! I’m excited to hear more!

Great podcast for divers!

DeeperBlue has been my favorite diving reading for years now, starting as a freediving focused “blog”and moving up to become the best news source for the diving community, as well as bringing to us some amazing photo and video shots. The podcast just adds to the family, making it even easier for us to learn about what is happening on the diving industry, specially for those who do not have much time to read all the articles! Really well done!

Best podcast on Diving industry

I’m regular podcast listener. I’m also a diver and I love the edition and topics on this first episode, it was fun and interesting. Thank you Stephan and deeperblue team.

This podcast is where it’s at

Keep up the great work

Best way to curb your diving withdrawals!

A wonderful blend of guest speakers, community storytelling and great music to perfectly compliment the underwater world discussions. Well done gang - love it!!

A wondrous find

I can’t physically get to the water with the COVID lockdown, but I can mentally tune in thanks to DeeperBlue. Mind over matter!

DeeperBlue hits it out of the pool!

Awesome podcast with a tremendous depth of knowledge and great content! What a treat to have a diver-oriented podcast that encompasses all divers! Great job, DB!

The ONLY diving podcast you need

Hands down the best diving podcast out there. It keeps you engaged, the testimonials are interesting, and you hear the best stories from divers around the world. In times like these it’s so nice to stay connected to those that share your passion and this podcast is the key to that connection. Amazing podcast, amazing people. Listen now and thank me later.

GREAT Podcast about diving & the underwater world!

Truly excellent podcast with professional-level production values. Great way to learn about the latest news in the world of scuba, Freediving, underwater imaging and ocean conservation.

Love this show about diving!

Love this show. I keeps me connected to the ocean and diving in this time where we can’t really get in the water.

So amped for this podcast!

Hello! I’m Anthony, a marine science instructor at Catalina Island Marine Institute! Unfortunately because of the pandemic we had to relocate from our island paradise of beautiful rocky reefs and kelp forests and teaching kiddos about the ocean. I’m currently enrolled in a NAUI freediving instructor course, hoping to complete it during this down time, and just waiting for the chance to get back in the water. Super excited to learn some new ocean/ freediving/ conservation knowledge to take back to all the students once things return to normal! Thank you!!!