Scuba Diving, Freediving, Dive Travel, and Ocean Advocacy: the Deeper Blue Podcast is your weekly guide to everything happening around the world… underwater.

We’ll cover all the latest underwater news, trends, equipment, and events happening all around the world. We’ll talk to THE most interesting people in the dive world, from world-famous underwater pioneers to fearless modern explorers.

We’ll discuss the latest in diving innovations from the people who created them… athletes pushing the limits of what we think humans can do underwater…. and we’ll speak to people leading the efforts to preserve and protect the oceans we love.

We’ll cover all aspects of the traveling it takes to get to the dive spots we love, from undiscovered Dive spot recommendations to epic exotic resorts and tropical islands in sun-washed waters.

And finally, we will give you our honest opinions and intelligent, unvarnished commentaries on what we think is important in the dive world.

You’ll quickly understand that we give you the best thirty minutes about getting underwater.

About the Hosts

Stephan Whelan


Stephan is the founder of DeeperBlue.com and the host of the DeeperBlue Podcast. His passion for the underwater world started at 8 years-old with a try-dive in a hotel pool on holiday that soon formulated into a lifelong love affair with the oceans. In 1996 he set up DeeperBlue.com and helped grow the site to be one of the largest diving websites around today.

Jason Elias


Jason is the producer of the DeeperBlue Podcast and the host of the Big Deep Podcast. He is a professional photographer and director who lives in Venice, CA with his wife Jessica, their son Arlo and their little dog Linus. Jason's stills work focuses on Advertising, Portraits, Celebrity, and Travel.

Mehgan Heany-Grier


Mehgan Heaney-Grier is a pioneering freediver, ocean explorer, and longtime marine conservationist. With more than 20 years of experience working both above and below the waterline, Mehgan has built a career as a professional speaker, marine educator, expedition leader, stunt diver, and television personality. Combining her skillset Mehgan works for the ocean as an advocate and storyteller across multiple media platforms raising awareness and empowering the next generation of ocean stewards to engage and tackle the critical issues facing our oceans today. Mehgan holds her degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology is an original inductee of the Women Diver Hall of Fame since 2000 and is a Fellow with The Explorers Club.

Tec Clark


Tec Clark is a diving industry expert who has held very elite positions in the dive industry including Managing Director of the University of Florida’s Academic Diving Program and National Director of the YMCA Scuba Program. He holds over 40 professional certifications with over 15 diving agencies. Tec has received numerous honors for his instructional abilities and has co-edited several diving texts. He also appeared as a diving expert on A&E, The Learning Channel, and Outdoor Life Network. He was Captain of the US Freediving Team and is the founder of both Reef Ministries and ScubaGuru.com. Tec is the Associate Director for Aquatics and Scuba Diving at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Linden Wolbert


If you’re looking for a half-woman, half-fish, search no more! Linden has found herself surrounded by dozens of sharks at 50 feet down on a single breath – with no mask and no air tanks in the Bahamas, danced with manta rays at night in Hawaii, and been enveloped by millions of non-stinging golden jellyfish in Palau’s infamous Jellyfish Lake. She has dived with minke whales and mola mola fish in the pelagic open ocean, been dwarfed by aggregating whale sharks in the Caribbean and mingled with pods of dolphins and sea lions in the Sea of Cortez. She has been circled by 5 Great White Sharks while cage diving in Guadalupe….with a tail on, of course! All of these experiences are captured on film and video, which Linden shares in the form of mini-documentaries for children on her YouTube channel, in her Mermaid Minute series. She has done underwater modeling and pro in-water stunt doubling for films, TV and commercials and has appeared as a mermaid on TV, in feature films, and numerous commercials and music videos.

Sarah Richard


Sarah Richard is the founder of the world’s largest female-only scuba diving group-turned-business, Girls That Scuba. From what started as a small Facebook group of only 100 women, it is now the largest and most influential female scuba community online, amassing an impressive 700,000 followers and members since its beginnings in 2016. Sarah also launched the online shop, A Waste Free World, which is dedicated to encouraging people to live plastic and waste-free life. Alongside her entrepreneurial ventures, Sarah also owns a successful blog called Coffee With a Slice of Life, which is a travel blog for solo travelers. She uses this to fund her way around the world and offer tips and inspiration to anyone who wishes to see the wonders of living abroad.