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Behind The Scenes

NASA's undersea mission, NEEMO 21

Guest: Dawn Kernagis

Dawn is a Research Scientist in the area of human performance optimization and risk mitigation for operators in extreme environments, such as those working undersea, at altitude, and in space. In 2015, she joined the Institute for Human and Machine...

Of Shark and Man Film

Guest: David Diley

David Diley is an award winning Film-Maker based in the north of England working in Independent Film, TV and Commercial Film. David has been a passionate lover of sharks for 32 years and has been an active advocate for shark conservation since...

Our Planet

Guest: Hugh Pearson

Hugh Pearson appears on Episode 1 of the DeeperBlue Podcast. Hugh has been producing world-class wildlife films for 25 years and specializes in working at sea, telling new and engaging stories from above and beneath the waves. Hugh worked at the BBC...