Best Dive Ever

Every week you on the DeeperBlue Podcast you hear from some of THE most interesting people in the diving world.  Stories from interesting characters, industry legends, world champions, real life heroes and anyone else we find interesting… we want you to learn about the dive community in a deeper way.

With that inspiration, we’ll take you to the best dive spots around the world with stories and reports from around the world.  This is where you come in as well.  Every week we want to hear YOUR stories and share them with the world.  So, please record and send in your short story of your best dive ever.  Keep it brief as anything longer than two minutes will not be shared. 

What you need to record:

  • Tell us who you are – your name and current location,
  • Where you were when the dive happened,
  • what happened on the dive that made it so great,
  • and why it meant so much to you.

When you are ready click the microphone widget on the bottom of the page to submit your “Best Dive Ever”. You can use your computer or phone to record the audio directly to us!