Best Dive Ever

We need your help!

Every week we want to hear YOUR stories and share them with the world.  We feature a listeners "Best Dive Ever" on every episode and it could be your dive! 

So, we would like you to record a short story of your "Best Dive Ever".  We need it brief - no longer than 2 minutes - to fit into the segment on the show.

What you need to record:

  • Tell us who you are – your name and current location,
  • Where you were when the dive happened,
  • what happened on the dive that made it so great,
  • and why it meant so much to you.

You can submit your best dive ever a few different ways:

  • Click the "Leave a Message" widget on the right of the page to submit your “Best Dive Ever” - you can see where this is via the image below.
  • Record on your phone or computer and email to us at [email protected]

We can't wait to hear your dive stories and you may end up on an upcoming episode!