Shark Attack Survivor Paul De Gelder on how a Bull Shark took an arm and a leg but gave him something back, and TV Host Kinga Philipps on why she is hot for Shark Snot

In Episode 10, we have the first of our fabulous co-host interviews.  This week we have Linden Wolbert (or Mermaid Linden as a lot of us know her) with an interview with Paul De Gelder – someone with an incredible life story. 

Paul’s story started in the Australian Army Airborne before becoming a Navy bomb disposal expert then an encounter with a bull shark in 2009 changed his life forever as he lost an arm and a leg in the shark attack. You’d think losing an arm and a leg might generate some animosity towards sharks but since then he’s become an author, motivational speaker, and regularly appears as a host on the annual Shark Week on Discovery.

Then we hear from writer, producer and TV host Kinga Philipps.  She tells us why she is hot for snark snot.

And then finally we hear from Chantelle Taylor Newman on her Best Dive Ever.

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Jason Elias

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