More Scuba World Record Controversies & Celebrating Birthdays in the Artic

In Episode 12, you’ll hear about more details that have come to light around the accusations being leveled by an anonymous group of individuals at Ahmed Gabr’s that his 332 m/1,090 ft Guinness World Record scuba dive in 2014 might be faked.  We also talk shipwrecks, crowdfunded underwater scooters, and shark conservation as we round up the week’s top stories.

We then speak with Alex Rose, founder of Blue Ring and science editor of the Oceangeographic magazine. Podcast host Stephan has known Alex for many years around the trade show circuit and wanted to delve deeper into her close relationship with “her deepness” – the iconic marine biologist and explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle.  We find out what it is like helping such a famous scientist celebrate her birthday on the ice flows of the arctic.

Then we hear from our very first guest on the show – Hugh Pearson – one of the most successful underwater filmmakers working today.  He gives us a mini-masterclass on underwater filmmaking for his top tip.

And then finally we hear from Daan Verhoeven on his Best Dive Ever.

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Jason Elias
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Jason Elias

Jason is the producer of the DeeperBlue Podcast